McDonald's - Little Piccadilly

I worked with Pirata (r.i.p) on this digital outdoors campaign for Leo Burnett and McDonald's. McDonald's wanted to use their famous Piccadilly Circus ad space for something out of the ordinary. Pirata built a website/mobile app that allowed visitors to Piccadilly Circus to push an avatar they’d created to the big screen. I built the Air app that ran on the screen 24/7 and displayed new characters from the backend. I had to pay close attention to memory management as the app only got reset once in a while.

Challenges included, functionality to handle a varied volume of data from the backend, a real day-night cycle and displaying relevant animations for each unique character. It was very satisfying to see something I’d help make on a huge display at an iconic location in London. Needless to say I made a few Little Piccas of myself!